An Exotic Diving Adventure

Do you want to try a unique, exotic dive area?

Are you and your diving pals trying to decide which dive area you want to go?

If you addressed yes to any of these concerns then Grand Cayman diving is for you. Grand Cayman uses a one of a kind diving experience that will be embedded in your memory permanently. With excellent white sand beaches and excellent dive websites, you will never ever get enough of dives in Grand Cayman.

Grand Cayman is among the premier diving locations worldwide. It uses interesting dives daily in a range of dive websites, which will actually please your yearning for experience. Grand Cayman boasts calm, warm waters for as much as 100 feet exposure. They likewise use a large variety of marine life where you can take undersea pictures with your dive pals.

The Grand Cayman islands provide among the very best diving experiences you and your dive pal will delight in. Nevertheless, you have to be a licensed scuba diver in order to let that Grand Cayman dive operators permit you to dive. If you do not have an accreditation, you can get licensed by dive centers running in Grand Cayman. They have actually accredited trainers that can get you licensed in no time.

Grand Cayman has a great deal of dive websites with various accreditation requirements. This suggests that you have a great deal of options on where to dive however a specific dive website will need a minimum accreditation level to guarantee your security. For instance, if you are licensed as an open water scuba diver, you are just permitted to dive in dive websites that have a minimum requirement of open water scuba diver. Nevertheless, if you are accredited as an advanced open water scuba diver, you can dive at dive websites that have a minimum accreditation level of open water and advanced open water.

When preparing a journey to the Grand Cayman, you have to make a list of all the devices you will bring. You need to likewise inspect if all your devices are working effectively to guarantee a smooth sailing getaway in the Grand Cayman.

Diving is enjoyable and amazing, nevertheless, diving mishaps occur. For this, you ought to guarantee yourself with DAN or Divers Alert Network. DAN covers all treatments connected to diving mishaps. So, this is a should for all scuba divers. Make certain you prepare all the essential documents, appointments and others to make sure a trouble complimentary getaway in Grand Cayman.

Training To Scuba Dive Safely

There are numerous kinds of scuba dives, and each of these dives likewise has particular diving training. A few of these training need particular abilities that cannot be gotten through fundamental diving training accreditation, and requires advanced and improved kind of training. A few of these training consists of Cave Diving training, Nitro training, and Wreck diving training.

Trash Diving Training
Wreck diving is both a bracing and strange specialized of diving, the amazing sensation on the very first wreck dive as one sinks listed below the water surface area in devoted search of the ghostly treasure on the ocean flooring; nevertheless, wreck diving likewise requires unique abilities and “know-about” to have a safe wreck diving. Wreck diving training teaches the strategies and safety measures of wreck diving, and generally include useful wreck diving.

Cavern Diving Training
Cavern diving is among type of diving that is classified as “most hazardous”, giving that there are a great deal of things that can fail throughout a cavern dive. That is why in cavern diving training, one is taught the best ways to do it correctly. The training is normally targeted at improving abilities taught in diving programs in addition to advising in extra methods and treatments essential for the most basic of cavern dives.

Nitrox Diving Training
Nitrox diving training is a level of accreditation course for scuba divers who want to make the most of utilizing enriched air nitrox (EAN) as a breathing gas, to extend bottom times, or just decrease the quantity of nitrogen in the body. The primary objective of the training is to train scuba divers in the risks, advantages, and correct treatments for utilizing Nitrox blends.

Aside from the fundamental diving training that includes being taught all the theory and understanding of the biological and physical impacts on the body while diving along with the risks, acquainting with the diving devices and the “exactly what to do’s” in case the equipment stops working, there are likewise other diving training that a person can advance to after being trained the fundamentals.

In fact, diving is not as harmful as a great deal of individuals might appear to think, and in many cases of diving casualty, it constantly reveals the scuba diver’s irresponsibleness and absence of understanding on ways to fix severe emergency situations undersea. This is generally the reason that diving training is really vital prior to one handles diving in open waters. Nowadays, diving training certificates are even needed for most of diving operators and resorts in diving places.

A great deal of people ask how safe diving is. To answer that question, let’s ask another: “how experienced and accountable is the scuba diver?” Diving is a thrilling and satisfying sport; nevertheless, like other sport, it is likewise a sport with fundamental threats. What make it appear more dangerous are the worry of drowning and the failure of the scuba “life assistance” system utilized.

With the correct diving training, a scuba diver ends up being positive, ready, accountable, and positive with the understanding of the dangers and ways to prevent them.

Diving in Winter Wonderland

Are you tired of daily winter life routine and feel been locked up in the four-cornered walls of your room? Thinking of being on a while of doing the same thing over and over again? If you are searching for an adrenaline rush this cold winter season to boost up power, thrill, and excitement, why not try having a great underwater diving adventure to build even your character.

Underice diving

It’s time to level up your skill and explore the underwater world in winter, something that requires full attention that will truly challenge your skill and character. If you are fond of adventures like a journey to the center of the earth or mystery island, then diving on winter season offers a great and awesome place you have never seen before.

Exploring Icebergs in Greenland!

A total thrilling experience, its time to get your suits and have this never-before the trip to East Greenland. It is not only rich with flora and fauna for those who are fond of animals, what is unique on this once in a lifetime experience is the majestic icebergs and the hue of blue that adds to the elegant and supreme scenery underwater.

Exploring ice caves and holes is one of the highlights you can enjoy on this diving site. Temperature is pretty much the same all year round thus diving in winter doesn’t feel colder at all.

As you get down the boat and the white snow-capped mountains are out of sight, the blue shade that illuminates underneath is totally breathtaking. Light rays dance and swirl below the ice which is totally overwhelming.

Underwater surfing

Surfing is a fun sport enjoyed by water lovers. But if you love the experience of swirling waves and the thrill of riding the current of the waves, there is a unique way of surfing done underwater. Unbelievable? A totally unimaginable and seem impossible but it goes pretty much the same way of catching waves and gets the ride.

To keep your body warm, one must keep the blood rushing and fuel it with supreme diesel – adrenaline. Just like surfing, one will wait for the water current to fill the mouth of the fiord where underwater surfers will be pushed and drifted by the current and get squeezed by the pressure.

This is a totally new and extreme adventure to keep your adrenaline rushing through your nerves. A heart-pounding, satisfying and fun way to enjoy winter this year.

The Pearl of the Orient: The Philippines

The Philippines in Asia

The Philippines

Facts to ponder: The Philippines is an archipelagic country and is now composed of 7,641 islands. The Philippines does not have Disney Land or Universal Studio or extravagant infrastructures like the Burj Al Arab but tourists are increasingly starting to flood in by the millions. The reason behind this is the pristine beauty of nature in the Philippines that tourists can’t find everywhere at a very affordable price. Its location is known in the world to be a center for marine biodiversity. For this reason, tourists flock to this country and even reach to a total of half a million as of May 2017 while scattered all over the archipelago.

Outstanding Diving Sites

What makes tourists come back to this country are the diving sites which are present on almost every island of the country. Diving gears are also available for rent at very affordable prices whereas diving tutorials are offered as well. A complete set of diving gear rental varies from US$10to US$30 while diving charges for certified ones range from US$50 to US$150 per dive depending on the schedule and location. A boat package will vary as well, based on the number of divers. But the price is most likely negotiable since locals are flexible in their prices. They love to pamper and allow the visitors to get the best experience as much as possible. A boat starts from US$50 depending on the number of passengers. In addition to all the expenses, some diving locations ask for an environmental fee for ongoing conservation and rehabilitation programs. Good thing that many of the international diving spots here use merchant providers both online and offline to facilitate payments smoothly. One of the providers we know and trust is Redfynn Technologies. So far, they’ve served us pretty well during our trip.

Scuba Diving Reservations in the Philippines

They say that a coral reef is equivalent to a forest on land and thus diving is equivalent to camping underwater. Surprising right? Diving can be done even at ports like the Santander province in Cebu Province.

Experience watching sardines swim underwater, gliding with the green sea turtles and diving with the huge whale sharks. These are some of the notable diving experiences tourists could not resist having.

Experiencing its rich history

Moreover, Philippines is located in a very strategic location on the map thus, having a long history in war events. There are a huge number of shipwrecks in the Philippines and some were even during pre-colonial periods. Most were owned by Chinese traders and wrecked while changing goods with the Filipinos before the Spanish colonization. There are also large warships during the World War II which are now covered with corals where diverse marine lives flourish. This gives visitors more exciting views of the sea while discovering history. In addition, some unique and unlikely sites could also be found in the deep seas of the Philippines such as the sunken cemetery in Camiguin Island.

Pearl Diving in the Philippines

So, have you ever been to the Philippines and experience the diving adventure? There are more things to discover while diving in the Philippines. Perhaps, you will be one of the divers to unlock another age-old mystery in this vast marine sanctuary.

Safe Haven Under the Seas

As time unfolds, mankind had done so much makeover on the face of mother earth to sustain their living and even worse, enjoy lavish lifestyles. Infrastructures emerge like mushrooms and we suddenly wake up being trapped in a bottle of polluted air on the ever-rising heat.  This urges most to seek leverage from such secluded place and get a plunge into the deep refreshing paradise of blue water – DIVING!Underwater Diving

Rewards of Diving

Despite the high cost and the hassles of carrying such heavy oxygen tanks into the water, it’s a surprise that scuba diving is still one of the best getaway hobbies a busy bee like myself want. Foreigners flock from one diving site to another dragging all gadgets along just to capture each experience despite the difficulty. One could say it’s a waste of money, but for someone who has been into diving, the experience is priceless. The infinite horizon of the blue water provides calming therapy to a frantic mind. But, this is just the beginning of what diving could offer.

Each descending moment as the journey to the underworld begins is a time to reflect on, when all you can hear is the bubbling air as it rises up after every breath you take and nothing more. Underwater, one can witness the beauty of light as it sways, bends and scatters while making its way down to bring lumen to the diverse world waiting below – like an aurora. There is no need to travel far to witness such an amazing sight because it’s right there underwater. And as long as the sun rises up—there is always an aurora everyday under the sea.

Well, some find scuba diving to be scary and usually takes a leap of faith to do so. But to make the experience imaginable to those who are hesitant to take the risk, scuba diving is like being in the world of Avatar. Not because it is mostly blue underwater but the sight is like being in a different dimension, a whole new world to see. All you need is a filter for your goggles and action cameras and boom, the colors will be so real one can never imagine they are underwater. The corals seem like the forest and the fishes are like birds hovering around you. Everything is fragile and pristine with colors more vibrant and diverse than what a paint store could ever offer. Crustaceans are not even as brilliantly red as what we see when it is placed on a dining plate. The scenes usually come in the best shades of blue to purple and more. It is truly and wonderfully spectacular!

Corals Underwater

How to get there

The limitation of man to breath underwater makes most of the ocean life free from human manipulations and thus maintains the magnificence that our Creator intended it to be. And the prohibitive costs of underwater activity present a barrier to many, limiting, therefore, the number of expeditions underseas despite its alarming growth. However, for those that can afford, what makes it convenient is being able to book online in some PADI- accredited dive shop or otherwise to reserve a slot in their journey nearer to the center of the earth. Merchant services, payment processors and online intermediaries make it even more efficient for busybodies to simply avail of that promo ticket and get to that diving spot they’ve all been dreaming of.

Guide for Scuba Diving Preparation

Scuba diving is an extremely fun sport that can be done anywhere anytime there is water if the basic requirements are met and the proper procedures are learned. The things done during diving is more than just about looking under the water for fish, depending on what you like, you can do it for fun and even make it into a career.

To begin the process, make sure you have learned to swim, you don’t have to be an expert, but it is good to know how to move in the water. Then, an Open Water Diver Certification is required and you only need to be 15 to get it. For younger children, there is a Junior certificate and other special programs that can help them prepare to get certified. Another condition that must be met is to be in good physical health. A medical questionnaire is usually taken to access those who may have a more risky situation but if you are not sure, go to a doctor to find out.

Scuba diving can be a dangerous sport if not done properly, so make sure to find a good school by comparing many different ones and a good instructor you feel comfortable around. Programs depend on you and the amount of time you have. It may take from two weeks to two months, which would mean one lesson a week, to become a diver. It may also cost around $200 and even more if you prefer to purchase your own equipment. Remember to ask questions when you are not sure because this is a great way to know if you are doing it right and good feedback to the instructor if you are confused.

If you do decide to buy your own things, remember that you need, at the very least, a mask, snorkel, fins and a knife. It is also better to buy things at a good price that is new and will be used for a long time rather than things at a cheap price that you may decide to throw away at a later time. This is because choosing something that you will be using for a while and fits you well during classes will help you learn better since these are the things you will want to know about and understand especially how to react safely with it when a bad situation comes up. This can not work with old or cheap equipment, not that some equipment is of a good quality and cheap, that you plan to throw away after class because there are so many risks with taking on a new set of equipment after learning everything with another set.

Comfort is also a factor when considering to buy equipment because if not properly chosen, problems can arise. This can be seen if it has been borrowed from another person because you may not have the same measurements as your friend and you borrow a mask or their fins, the mask may leak or the fins may be a smaller size that will cause cramps. Considering all this can help you learn better and make it safer since it is better to be properly prepared and to know to react when there are problems.