Diving in Winter Wonderland

Are you tired of daily winter life routine and feel been locked up in the four-cornered walls of your room? Thinking of being on a while of doing the same thing over and over again? If you are searching for an adrenaline rush this cold winter season to boost up power, thrill, and excitement, why not try having a great underwater diving adventure to build even your character.

Underice diving

It’s time to level up your skill and explore the underwater world in winter, something that requires full attention that will truly challenge your skill and character. If you are fond of adventures like a journey to the center of the earth or mystery island, then diving on winter season offers a great and awesome place you have never seen before.

Exploring Icebergs in Greenland!

A total thrilling experience, its time to get your suits and have this never-before the trip to East Greenland. It is not only rich with flora and fauna for those who are fond of animals, what is unique on this once in a lifetime experience is the majestic icebergs and the hue of blue that adds to the elegant and supreme scenery underwater.

Exploring ice caves and holes is one of the highlights you can enjoy on this diving site. Temperature is pretty much the same all year round thus diving in winter doesn’t feel colder at all.

As you get down the boat and the white snow-capped mountains are out of sight, the blue shade that illuminates underneath is totally breathtaking. Light rays dance and swirl below the ice which is totally overwhelming.

Underwater surfing

Surfing is a fun sport enjoyed by water lovers. But if you love the experience of swirling waves and the thrill of riding the current of the waves, there is a unique way of surfing done underwater. Unbelievable? A totally unimaginable and seem impossible but it goes pretty much the same way of catching waves and gets the ride.

To keep your body warm, one must keep the blood rushing and fuel it with supreme diesel – adrenaline. Just like surfing, one will wait for the water current to fill the mouth of the fiord where underwater surfers will be pushed and drifted by the current and get squeezed by the pressure.

This is a totally new and extreme adventure to keep your adrenaline rushing through your nerves. A heart-pounding, satisfying and fun way to enjoy winter this year.