Safe Haven Under the Seas

As time unfolds, mankind had done so much makeover on the face of mother earth to sustain their living and even worse, enjoy lavish lifestyles. Infrastructures emerge like mushrooms and we suddenly wake up being trapped in a bottle of polluted air on the ever-rising heat.  This urges most to seek leverage from such secluded place and get a plunge into the deep refreshing paradise of blue water – DIVING!Underwater Diving

Rewards of Diving

Despite the high cost and the hassles of carrying such heavy oxygen tanks into the water, it’s a surprise that scuba diving is still one of the best getaway hobbies a busy bee like myself want. Foreigners flock from one diving site to another dragging all gadgets along just to capture each experience despite the difficulty. One could say it’s a waste of money, but for someone who has been into diving, the experience is priceless. The infinite horizon of the blue water provides calming therapy to a frantic mind. But, this is just the beginning of what diving could offer.

Each descending moment as the journey to the underworld begins is a time to reflect on, when all you can hear is the bubbling air as it rises up after every breath you take and nothing more. Underwater, one can witness the beauty of light as it sways, bends and scatters while making its way down to bring lumen to the diverse world waiting below – like an aurora. There is no need to travel far to witness such an amazing sight because it’s right there underwater. And as long as the sun rises up—there is always an aurora everyday under the sea.

Well, some find scuba diving to be scary and usually takes a leap of faith to do so. But to make the experience imaginable to those who are hesitant to take the risk, scuba diving is like being in the world of Avatar. Not because it is mostly blue underwater but the sight is like being in a different dimension, a whole new world to see. All you need is a filter for your goggles and action cameras and boom, the colors will be so real one can never imagine they are underwater. The corals seem like the forest and the fishes are like birds hovering around you. Everything is fragile and pristine with colors more vibrant and diverse than what a paint store could ever offer. Crustaceans are not even as brilliantly red as what we see when it is placed on a dining plate. The scenes usually come in the best shades of blue to purple and more. It is truly and wonderfully spectacular!

Corals Underwater

How to get there

The limitation of man to breath underwater makes most of the ocean life free from human manipulations and thus maintains the magnificence that our Creator intended it to be. And the prohibitive costs of underwater activity present a barrier to many, limiting, therefore, the number of expeditions underseas despite its alarming growth. However, for those that can afford, what makes it convenient is being able to book online in some PADI- accredited dive shop or otherwise to reserve a slot in their journey nearer to the center of the earth. Merchant services, payment processors and online intermediaries make it even more efficient for busybodies to simply avail of that promo ticket and get to that diving spot they’ve all been dreaming of.