The Pearl of the Orient: The Philippines

The Philippines in Asia

The Philippines

Facts to ponder: The Philippines is an archipelagic country and is now composed of 7,641 islands. The Philippines does not have Disney Land or Universal Studio or extravagant infrastructures like the Burj Al Arab but tourists are increasingly starting to flood in by the millions. The reason behind this is the pristine beauty of nature in the Philippines that tourists can’t find everywhere at a very affordable price. Its location is known in the world to be a center for marine biodiversity. For this reason, tourists flock to this country and even reach to a total of half a million as of May 2017 while scattered all over the archipelago.

Outstanding Diving Sites

What makes tourists come back to this country are the diving sites which are present on almost every island of the country. Diving gears are also available for rent at very affordable prices whereas diving tutorials are offered as well. A complete set of diving gear rental varies from US$10to US$30 while diving charges for certified ones range from US$50 to US$150 per dive depending on the schedule and location. A boat package will vary as well, based on the number of divers. But the price is most likely negotiable since locals are flexible in their prices. They love to pamper and allow the visitors to get the best experience as much as possible. A boat starts from US$50 depending on the number of passengers. In addition to all the expenses, some diving locations ask for an environmental fee for ongoing conservation and rehabilitation programs. Good thing that many of the international diving spots here use merchant providers both online and offline to facilitate payments smoothly. One of the providers we know and trust is Redfynn Technologies. So far, they’ve served us pretty well during our trip.

Scuba Diving Reservations in the Philippines

They say that a coral reef is equivalent to a forest on land and thus diving is equivalent to camping underwater. Surprising right? Diving can be done even at ports like the Santander province in Cebu Province.

Experience watching sardines swim underwater, gliding with the green sea turtles and diving with the huge whale sharks. These are some of the notable diving experiences tourists could not resist having.

Experiencing its rich history

Moreover, Philippines is located in a very strategic location on the map thus, having a long history in war events. There are a huge number of shipwrecks in the Philippines and some were even during pre-colonial periods. Most were owned by Chinese traders and wrecked while changing goods with the Filipinos before the Spanish colonization. There are also large warships during the World War II which are now covered with corals where diverse marine lives flourish. This gives visitors more exciting views of the sea while discovering history. In addition, some unique and unlikely sites could also be found in the deep seas of the Philippines such as the sunken cemetery in Camiguin Island.

Pearl Diving in the Philippines

So, have you ever been to the Philippines and experience the diving adventure? There are more things to discover while diving in the Philippines. Perhaps, you will be one of the divers to unlock another age-old mystery in this vast marine sanctuary.